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The pioneer and world leader in automated electronic pool cleaning technology for private and commercial pools. The developer of the popular Dolphin series of robot cleaners, Maytronics was established in 1983.

Leveraging our world-renowned, state-of-the-art technology and a deep understanding of pool maintenance born of 25 Years of experience, Maytronics consistently sets the standards for product quality, performance, safety features, service and reliability.
Maytronics is committed to green eco-friendly technology. The autonomous Dolphin robotic pool cleaning system contributes to water and electricity preservation and to the improved use of chemicals in swimming pools.

Where Technology Meets Design

Maytronics’ Dolphin products combine unmatched technological innovation with highly aesthetic designs - resulting in functional, beautiful products that both clean and complement your pool.

Unique Features
The latest generation of Dolphin robot products has been internationally recognized as the cutting-edge of pool cleaning robots, with an outstanding list of patented features.

A Tradition of Quality

Our multidisciplinary Dolphin systems are extensively tested in real-world conditions, and conform to ISO 9001, 2000 edition and CE/ETL regulations.

Maytronics’ easy-access service centers are located close to you, and provide fast repair, convenience and efficiency.

A Global Presence
Maytronics maintain a broad global distribution network from Australia to New York and from London to Tokyo. The Maytronics name has become synonymous with quality, innovation and performance.
Maytronics US was established in Atlanta, GA in June 2007.

Seasoned and Committed Team
The Maytronics team brings together the best professional business talent with experienced and professional technical players. With over 100 employees - operators, engineers from all disciplines, marketing, financial and operational staff - our team constitutes a creative, professional and motivated industry-leading force.

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